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Micro Indoor Radio Controlled Electric Pterodactyl - flying dino art

Marston Micro Pterodactyl Marston Micro Pterodactyl Marston Micro Pterodactylmarston Micro PterodactylMarston Micro Pterodactyl

18" Micro Pterodactyl - rev D - improved flight performance

Depron/balsa hybrid 0.9 oz. indoor flyer

The 18" Micro Pterodactyl weighs less than one ounce (26 grams) and can be flown in a large indoor area or outdoors on a calm day.

This kit now includes two sets of everything required to make two complete airframes.

Two sets of all wood required, two sets of depron wings, and two sets of carbon spars (only one set of motors/props). Build an extra one, or save one for spare parts, or build a free flight version for your kids!

Kit includes two motors, two props, all required balsa and Depron, carbon struts and pushrods, wire, shrink, etc. Everything required is included in the kit except receiver and battery.
Kit can be built in a day. Wings are unpainted (white).

Designed for Spektrum AR 6410 DSM2 receiver/servo/esc module
and 150 mah 1 cell LiPo (not included in kit)

Kit does not include transmitter or reciever.

Micro Pterodactyl specs:

material included in full kit:

for more info, download the Instruction Manual

Micro Pterodactyl Videos

ar 6400

This kit has been discontinued but may be available on a limited basis. Please email for availability.