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80" Span Radio Controlled Electric Pterodactyl Aircraft - flying dino art

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80" Marston Pterodactyl - short kit

Design Notes:

The 80" span Marston Pterodactyl is the largest Pterodactyl. The wing has very few straight surfaces. It utilizes a fully shear-webbed D-tube design with carbon reinforced spruce spars. The leading edge is 1/8" plywood, sheeted with 1/16" balsa. Airfoil is a modified 10% Clark Y/SD 7037. The high aspect ratio gives it excellent glide capability. The two-piece wing uses a 3/8" x 10" carbon wing joiner. The body uses carbon tube longerons that run from the base of the neck to the back of the tails. Wing area is 670 sq. in., flying weight is typically about 62 oz., giving a wing loading of 13 oz./sq. ft.

Short kit does not include spruce spars, balsa sheeting, sheer webs, or carbon parts. Download parts list (below) for list of materials needed.

Advanced building skills are strongly recommended.

80" Marston Pterodactyl Short Kit - $219

US shipping is $19, please email for international shipping price
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Rolled Plans - $99

US shipping is $14, please email for international shipping price
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80" Short Kit Includes:

2 copies of the plans, 14 laser cut pieces of wood stock (two 6" x 24" sheets of 1/16" ply, four 6" x 24" sheet of 1/8" ply, five sheet of 3/32" balsa, and three 6" x 18" sheets of 1/4" balsa), and building instructions. All ribs and ply pieces required are supplied. Some balsa parts will need to be cut by hand. This is a short kit, not all wood and parts will be supplied, just those that would be really hard to cut out by hand. This is a "builders kit". It is not recommended for beginners.

Rolled Plans include:

3 sheets: Two full size (36" x 85") plans - 3 view high quality suitable for building on, and full size parts printout (30" x 50") arranged in seven 6" x 24" blocks (for transferring to 12 balsa and ply sheets).

Payment Notes:

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Shipping for kit in the continental USA is $19.00. The box is 36 " x 6" x 6".
Please email for additional shipping charges outside of the USA.